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  • So we are on way way out of The European Union

    The option to Vote has now driven us out of The Union.

    We now have to take the advantage and not carry on blaming ourselves or others.It was a shock the way it went BUT GET OVER IT.

    The European Union is an organisation that tries to represent Europe.
    It is now nervous that a country has dared to take control of themselves.

    It will not be easy to deal with them because they want us to fail.
    We will not fail and maybe others will split away.That is their biggest fear.

    Northern Ireland now needs to be used as a trade Area to negotiate with Europeans direct.Taking advantage of its doorstep location with Southern Ireland. The UK needs to lower corporation rates to be the same as Ireland.This will be an advantage for all business.

    We need to create a small coordinating and marketing organisation and use CBI and Group Trading organisations to promote Great Britain.The commonwealth needs to be a bigger part of our trade. Our main objective must be to trade globally.
    The social legislation and general laws need to be rewritten and but back into British Law. Maybe a 5 year project.There is going to be lots to sort. In the meantime we can still use Modified European Law and call it that.

    For Info
    The European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 member states. It has an area of 4,324,782 km², and an estimated population of over 508 million, and operates through a hybrid system of supranational ... Wikipedia
    Area: 4.325 million km²
    Founded: November 1, 1993, Maastricht, Netherlands
    Headquarters: City of Brussels, Belgium
    Unemployment rate: 9.6% (Apr 2015) Eurostat
    Government debt: 87.4% of GDP (2013) Eurostat
    Largest city: London
    Founders: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Germany


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  • My Beauty Magazine

    My Beauty Magazine for news and info on beauty products

  • Lonn

    News and information. Regional and National News.


  • Fashion

    fashion information and news


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    Town Magazines for information on local events and business


  • Marlow Magazine

    Marlow magazine for business in Marlow Bucks

  • Clifton Lodge Hotel High Wycombe Bucks
    Clifton Lodge hotel High Wycombe

    A privately owned hotel near West Wycombe Bucks.

    210 West Wycombe Road
    High Wycombe
    HP12 3AR

    01494 440095

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    This news site is run as a news blog by an individual who finances it. This is a non commercial non profitable blog.

    The purpose is a to make local news available for non commercial use.

    It relies on News feeds from Councils, BBC, Police, Local Blogs, Local news.In order to add extra content and services our external links and displays are free.

    As the blog is to promote local news free and is non commercial non profit making network it would not be possible to pay Press Association Commercial licence fees for content because it is not set up to make a financial gain.

    A recent court case agrees commercial users can be charged for content that is resold for profit. However non commercial blogs etc would not be charged.

    However it appears some press associations are getting rather greedy and are chasing private bloggers for fees if they are using some local newspaper feeds.

    They appear to be using a debt collection business called Buchanan Clark & Wells of Glasgow who are sending made up charges for use of copyright material.

    If you are a private blogger having the same problem I would like to hear from you.

    If you are a online newspaper or press association your comments would also be welcome.

    If anyone has a problem with the content of this site and wishes for any content to be remove please contact me.

    News's blog


  • James Ward known as Mark James T/A as Car Care Automotive Great Yarmouth Guilty of Handling Stolen Car Parts

    James Ward known as Mark James was found guilty last week for handling stolen car parts from his business called Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd Great Yarmouth.. Phone number 01493 717767
    A Subaru Impreza was stolen from High Wycombe, an area where Ward lived at the time of the theft. The car was broken up for parts by Ward. He has also set up a new business that deals with Subaru’s. The business is in Great Yarmouth, Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd. Phone number 01493 717767.
    Thames Valley Police raided Car Care Automotive on the 24/2/15 and found a few parts left from the stolen Subaru. Ward was bailed until April. On the 20/4/15 Thames Valley Police charged Ward with handling and selling stolen goods. Ward has even put parts from the stolen car onto other cars.
    On the 6/5/15 Ward pleaded guilty to breaking the Subaru, knowing it was stolen and selling it for parts.
    Anyone with a Subaru are advised to be careful dealing with the business known as Car Care Automotive at Great Yarmouth. The Court Order was made against James Mark Ward at High Wycombe Court. The Case number is 431500197216/1 6th May 2015. This article is printed in good faith from verified data and is in the interest of public awareness.The business Care Care Automotive at Yarmouth
    should not be confused with any other business with a similar name.

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Clifton Lodge Hotel

Clifton Lodge Hotel
210 West Wycombe Road,
High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire,HP12 3AR
Telephone 01494 440095

Bampton News
Allerdale Council Events
  • Northanger Abbey
    Sat 30 Oct - Catherine is an impressionable 17-year-old, caught up in the social whirl of fashionable Bath, her head full of new dresses, balls, theatres and Gothic novels. When she is invited to stay at ancient and mysterious Northanger Abbey, ...
  • Keswick Rambles - Great Sca Fell, Knott, & Skiddaw
    Fri 29 Oct - An exploration of grassy fells Back o' Skidda'. Grade A. Join Keswick Rambles for group walks with experienced local leaders from Easter to October. Come and enjoy some hidden gems as well as the Lake District classics. The full ...
  • The Glass Menagerie
    Fri 29 Oct - By Tennessee Williams. A cramped tenement apartment in 1930s St Louis, a mother clinging frantically to her memories of Southern Belle gentility, a son, a poet with a job in a warehouse, whose only escape is the movies; a daughter as ...
  • Keswick Rambles - High Spy & Maiden Moor
    Sat 30 Oct - This ridge is a must for all walkers visiting Keswick, high above Borrowdale. Grade B. Join Keswick Rambles for group walks with experienced local leaders from Easter to October. Come and enjoy some hidden gems as well as the Lake ...
  • Spooky Goings-On
    Fri 29 Oct - Halloween craft activity for children aged 3 to 12 years. Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult. Advance booking essential.
  • Improved Ghostly Goings On
    Fri 29 to Sat 30 Oct - Ham it up with a ghostly journey in Darkest Eskdale. There's a bowel of soup, or dead men's fingers thrown into the cauldron at Fellbites Eatery. Clank those chains to a grizzly tune or two. Make more of the evening by ...
  • Look Out For Halloween Horrors
    Fri 29 Oct - Get yourself ready for some ghostly goings on this Halloween at Loweswater and Ennerdale! We've got some great family fun for Halloween: spooky stories, a walk in the dark and some creepy craft activities – just to get you in the mood! ...
  • Look Out For Halloween Horrors
    Sat 30 Oct - Get yourself ready for some ghostly goings on this Halloween at Loweswater and Ennerdale! We've got some great family fun for Halloween, spooky stories, a walk in the dark and some creepy craft activities, just to get you in the mood! ...
  • Haig's Halloween Hulobaloo
    Sat 30 Oct - Fancy dress competition. Bring your pumpkins for our competition. Mask making. Chocolate apples. Trick or treat games and activities.
  • T.Rextasy
    Sat 30 Oct - T.Rextasy is the only band to have been authorised and endorsed by Marc Bolan's Catalogue Management, and is now officially recognised as the world's No.1 group dedicated to the greatest glam rocker of them all, Marc Bolan of T.Rex. ...
  • Shining City
    Sat 30 Oct - Set in the office of a Dublin therapist, this is a chilling, contemporary ghost story dealing with guilt, redemption and loneliness at the heart of a crowded city. Ian leaves the priesthood and becomes a therapist. Can he help a man ...
  • Keswick Rambles - Catbells
    Sun 31 Oct - A classic mountain ridge in miniature this is always a delight especially in autumn. Grade B. Join Keswick Rambles for group walks with experienced local leaders from Easter to October. Come and enjoy some hidden gems as well as the ...
  • George McGavin: Bug World
    Sun 31 Oct - From Guyana in the BBC series Lost Land of the Volcano to Bhutan in the current BBC series Lost Land of the Tiger; from giant butterflies and spiders to tiny caterpillars; George has explored the planet's vast geography and uncovered a ...
  • Ollie's Halloween Party
    Sun 31 Oct - Join Ollie and all his fishy friends in spooky encounters this Halloween at The Lake District Coast Aquarium. With events and fancy dress throughout the day, there will be plenty of things to entertain and spook you all at the same ...
  • Silence
    Mon 01 Nov - Viking bloodshed, hallucinogenic drugs and a cart-chase from Canterbury to Cumbria! Behind every great man stands a great woman and Ymma of Normandy was Queen to both King Ethelred and King Canute. But in this deliciously imaginative ...
  • What the Butler Saw
    Mon 01 Nov - What really happened in the linen cupboard at the Station Hotel? Why does Dr. Prentice need to borrow one of his wife's dresses, and why isn't she wearing one? Why does Mrs. Prentice keep seeing naked men? Why is the drugged body of a ...
  • Bus Stop
    Tue 02 Nov - A warm-hearted American romance set in a snowbound Kansas diner in the 1950s. When a disparate group of bus passengers are forced to spend the night together in Grace's Diner, they each reveal how love touches their lives. Among them is ...
  • The Glass Menagerie
    Tue 02 to Wed 03 Nov - By Tennessee Williams. A cramped tenement apartment in 1930s St Louis, a mother clinging frantically to her memories of Southern Belle gentility, a son, a poet with a job in a warehouse, whose only escape is the movies; a ...
    Fri 29 to Sat 30 Oct - Friday 29, Saturday 30 October 8pm Cockermouth Amateur Dramatic Society presents APRIL IN PARIS Bet and Al live in a contented rut, but when Bert wins a competition prize, their lives are changed in ways they could never ...
  • MIKE LOVELL ALL STARS with Rosie Harrison
    Sun 31 Oct - Sunday 31 October 8pm MIKE LOVELL ALL STARS with Rosie Harrison A welcome return for this stylish, crowd-pleasing band playing 1930's Chicago-style dance music and hot Dixieland Jazz. £8 , u.18 £5, D
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  • Games Spot Reviews: The Sexy Brutale Review

    Bill Murray's character in Groundhog Day believed he was in hell, but let's admit it: There are worse possible time loops to get ensnared in than having to spend your days reporting on rodent shadows and courting 1990s Andie MacDowell. In fact, consider The Sexy Brutale: you could end up reliving a single day at a fancy, sprawling casino mansion where you're attempting to save the lives of nine guests who get slaughtered by the staff during an annual masquerade ball.

    read more

  • Games Spot Reviews: Cosmic Star Heroine Review

    Cosmic Star Heroine makes a great first impression. Its introductory hours are all synths and saxes, flashy sci-fi espionage, and daring escapades lit by suffusions of neon and moonlight. There's no mistaking it for some imported decades-old classic, but it still managed to give me flashbacks of loading up untranslated PC Engine games and gawking at the interstitial artwork.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review

    Previous entries in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series have been justifiably criticized for their stifling linearity. Missions would regularly guide you by the hand through one cramped corridor after another, with a succession of targets ripe for elimination along the way. It wasn't a formula conducive to the type of freedom and choice one might hope to find in a game focused on the act of long-distance sniping, and Polish developer CI Games has seen the error of its ways with the latest entry in the series.

    read more

  • Games Spot Reviews: Dragon Quest Heroes II Review

    Dragon Quest Heroes II is a JRPG on fast forward. The gradual addition of new party members, the rollout of plot twists, and other typical genre roadmarkers come at you at a fast clip. If it normally takes 100 hours to amass a kill count of 10,000 enemies, this game lets you reach such milestones in less than 10. And, as one of the many spinoffs of the 20-year-old Dynasty Warriors series, it retains the best elements of the franchise's trademark combat, where you decimate armies with rudimentary, albeit flashy, combos.

    read more

  • Games Spot Reviews: What Remains of Edith Finch Review

    The minute What Remains of Edith Finch puts its titular protagonist face to face with its slapdash Frankenstein's monster of a house, it seems the game is gearing up for a horror story, closer to Resident Evil than Gone Home. That's actually close to the truth in one sequence, but What Remains of Edith Finch ultimately tells a subtle tale with far more pensive ideas. It plays off a heightened sense of impending mortality, but terror never truly takes a physical form. These are simply the facts, presented as only the victims and witnesses could deliver them.

    read more

  • Games Spot Reviews: Puyo Puyo Tetris Review

    Video game mashups are nothing new, but Puyo Puyo Tetris is the most interesting one to come along in a while, bridging two puzzle series with distinct mechanics and rules. What you ultimately get are two great games and a surprisingly good mashup with numerous single- and multiplayer options at the ready. It's a robust package, and an excellent revival of two beloved yet stagnant series.

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  • Games Spot Reviews: Outlast 2 Review

    Outlast 2's maniacal commitment to its core conceit is simultaneously its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Like the original--which helped popularize first-person survival horror when it launched in 2013--Outlast 2 casts you as a hapless everyman with zero fighting skills and no tools beyond a camcorder. Your only option when confronted with grotesque, bloodthirsty murderers is to run and hide.

    read more

  • Games Spot Reviews: The Disney Afternoon Collection Review

    Capcom is big on cashing in on its extensive gaming history, so yet another blast-from-the-past package of 8-bit games from the company is no surprise. In this case, the theme is Disney--and a good reminder that, when Disney put its name on a game back in the day, it was a pretty sure bet you'd be in for a good time. Disney and Capcom had a great track record of solid NES titles based on beloved late-'80s/early-'90s cartoons, and now those 8-bit classics are available in one affordable package.

    read more

  • Games Spot Reviews: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War III Review

    Dawn of War III is a game at odds with itself. Matches start with a lot of momentum and expand quickly before settling into a soft balance for long stretches. Careful control of elite warriors on the front line is essential, but so is constantly nurturing your base and marshalling upgrades for your armies. Despite that, Dawn of War III holds its own, offering delicious tooth-and-nail fights that will push both your technical skill and strategic aptitude to their limit.

    read more

  • Games Spot Reviews: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review

    For Mario Kart fans, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe might look like more of the same with small Double Dash-inspired tweaks. But thanks to a series of updates both big and almost unseen, it's the version of Mario Kart to get. If you don't own a Wii U or skipped out on Mario Kart 8 the first time around--or even if you've played it before--Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is worth your time. It plays beautifully on Switch in both handheld and docked mode, and its core racing is as exciting as ever.

    read more

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